Traverse City, Michigan is where I call home.

"God's country" as my Aunt refers to it.


It is feeling like winter is returning here in Northern Michigan.  I love the bright white that it brings and look forward to another season of chilly days in front of the warm fireplace after a day of skiing or snowmobiling. 

Prayers continue for those affected by the Covid pandemic and Lord willing it ceases. 

As we change our routines for Holiday shopping, I hope you have found something inspirational to enjoy yourself or to give to another.  I'm still hanging on to the word I felt the Holy Spirit gave me regarding how I go about making and selling my useful and faith filled wares...  "The value is not in the vessel."  Indeed it is not, rather it is the way the tangible brings us together or to our heavenly father that matters.  Thank you for giving my work value, without others it would just be another item on a shelf.  

Blessings to you from Northern Michigan!


Your message is on it's way!