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My journey with clay started at the local college here in beautiful Northern Michigan.  When I realized science was not my destiny, I quickly dropped chemistry and added pottery as an elective.  It was fun, creative, and challenging. I do regret not finishing chemistry because that would have come in handy with glazing pots.  Being mostly self taught (thank you YOU TUBERS) I've learned through trial and error.  When working with clay, I tend to explore and experiment, rather than research and plan letting inspiration and intuition guide me. The source of that inspiration comes from my relationship with and admiration for God.  My work... ok play, has became a way to express spiritual truths in tangible ways.  I like clean well defined boundaries where I am free to function as God has, uniquely, created me to.  I suppose my pieces represent a bit of both.  After finishing pottery 101 and 102, I decided to get my own wheel, kiln, slab roller, and play in whatever space was available at the time.  My studio has been in a basement, a barn, a mudroom, a garage, and now in a pole barn.  Marrying the love of my life and raising my three amazing children took precedence over a career but I continued to sneak in throwing a pot or cup while kids napped and dinner simmered.  Now that my children are older,  I am finding more time to devote to clay.  I pray that it never becomes work, but continues to inspire and challenge me to walk closer with God and others. If the things I create can help you do the same, I will have considered my art, and myself, to have accomplished what it was created to do.

My Pottery journey

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