Early this spring, I wanted to make something special for the Leland Artist's Market.  I pulled into Fishtown looking for JOY, found it, and snapped a couple pics. The simple clean lines, the message of JOY, the colors, the square...ish windows and looooong deck that i knew would travel along the bottom of the mugs was a perfect starting point!  A quick sketch with a pencil, a few tweaks with a vector app, and I had a design that would be carved into a clay cylinder, fired, tested, recarved... several, and I had a Joy Boat roller stamp.  Color is what took the longest to nail down, and I think I'm still playing with that.  Most of the items in this collection went through various steps and stages before being coated in clear glaze and fired.  I enJOYed the process, and will be returning to this from time to time.  

Thank you Fishtown for preserving and sharing JOY!